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Seed It Forward

Seed It Forward hazelnut
Seed It Forward Willows along river
Seed It Forward seeds

Seed It Forward is an agroforestry initiative founded in 2015, led by an activEco-2014 alumna and a ClimateLaunchpad Moldova 2015 alumnus. The goal of the initiative is to “grow trees and people for a greener Moldova”. They do it with persistence, day by day, by planting and growing trees and other plants in different regions of the country, and sharing their passion and skills with other people, especially those ones who have never planted a tree in their life.

The main idea of the initiative, promoted through direct actions and inspiring examples, is that: Everybody can grow a healthy tree. Everybody can create a productive organic orchard. Everybody can plant a forest. Everybody can be part of the solution, not just part of the problem.

Seed It Forward's long-term projects include:

Seed It Forward growing trees 3
Seed It Forward practical education 2
Seed It Forward growing trees

The most recent development is the Carbon Footprint Offset project - raising awareness about our personal ecological footprint, offering precious tips on how to reduce the emissions, and showing the right path towards considering yourself eco-neutral at least.

Since autumn 2015, more than 600 people have been directly involved, including alumni, participants and applicants of various programs implemented by EcoVisio. It would also not be possible without fruitful cooperation with local communities, especially youth, local authorities, local and international companies, organizations, volunteers and initiatives.

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Seed It Forward practical education 1
Seed It Forward Riscova planting November 2016 2
Seed It Forward hazelnut planting March 2016
Seed It Forward Riscova planting November 2016

Tags: Education for Sustainable Development, Networking and cooperation, Tree planting, Agroforestry and Organic Agriculture