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Our Vision

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The biggest challenge of the 21st century for our society and economy will be to enable happy and fulfilled lives with much less fossil fuel energy. We will be forced to do that in response to the peak oil, climate change and other negative effects of our own civilization. However, we do believe that Moldova and our region are a perfect place to realize this transition towards a more resilient lifestyle.

On the one hand, people are used to think that we are not yet so advanced as the western society; that our country is small, poor, suffering from corruption and political instability, as well as numerous environmental problems. However, we should always remember that we also have many advantages that we benefit or can benefit from, together:

  • Soil and climate particularities allowed Moldova to be the fruit and vegetable garden of the Soviet Union, saving it from the installation of heavy industries and further air pollution. The issues that the agriculture sector faces at the moment prompt it to switch to organic techniques, providing ourselves and our neighbours with fresh and healthy foods.
  • The lack of local fossil fuels has resulted in dependence on energy resources import. However, that leads to the fact that Moldovans are dwelling with a much smaller amount of energy and consumption than people in Western Europe. Besides, the potential for solar, eolian and residue-biomass energy is tremendous.
  • Most Moldovans are bilingual (Romanian & Russian), and more and more of them learn to see it as an advantage rather than as a burden. Many people have left the country in search of something better; but there are still people rich in knowledge and in heart, really worth knowing – and the small territory allows people from different parts of the country to get to know each other quite easily – if they have interest to do so.
  • The small territory is also quite full of historical, geological, natural and cultural attractions, both for locals and for foreigners, and easier to embrace in the transition process.

To make use of this potential, in all parts of our society we need people that share and act towards the positive vision of our region: ecological agriculture, reducing, reusing and recycling, more trees to keep our soils, waters and air; renewable energies, lower energy consumption, more leisure time, healthier and regional food and so on.

EcoVisio is implementing its vision by connecting more and more people who want to work on a prosperous future for the region and creating a vibrant community of changemakers. We provide them with capacity building, supportive community and instruments to implement small projects or start-ups in their neighborhoods or villages; we exchange knowledge, develop skills and work together on alternative solutions for making our world a better place to live.

The main principles of our work are cooperation instead of competition, transparency and trust, unity in diversity, quality and striving for excellence, simple life, and sustainability.

We will be very happy if you share a bit of our vision and get in contact with us.