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NGO Greening for Environmental mainstreaming

In collaboration with Individuell Människohjälp (IM Swedish Development Partners), in 2018 EcoVisio started building its capacity in environmental mainstreaming. Over a course of 10 months EcoVisio team offered 2 trainings on this topic to 15 NGOs working on empowering and supporting people with disabilities. Out of those, 6 organizations were selected for a more detailed ‘greening up’ audit and consultancy on developing practical steps to make their operations more environmentally friendly. Following a site visit, each organization received a report detailing current practices as well as recommendations for environmental mainstreaming. There were 3 main areas analyzed: 

  1. Institutional level assessment (policies, procedures, strategic plans)
  2. Office level assessment (resource management, energy efficiency, waste management, etc)
  3. Activities level assessment (greening up of events, projects, promotional materials, etc.) Additional information and consultancy was offered on specific topics, based on each organization’s priorities.

As a result, participating organizations started introducing new practices (ex. selective waste collection, installing energy efficient windows, minimizing environmental impact of events, developing community eco-projects like recycling and tree-planting).

Another environmental mainstreaming training was organized for representatives of UN Agencies following a request from UNDP. It focused on greening up of events, seminars, conferences