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General inquiries:

EcoVisio team Maxim

Maxim Pijevskii – executive director at EcoVisio, "activePeace" founder and coordinator
Call him: +373 79456612
Write to him: maxim [aet]


EcoVisio team Julian

Julian Gröger – EcoVisio president
Write him: julian [aet]


EcoVisio team Sasha Lozinschi

Alexandru Lozinskii – EcoVisio board member


EcoVisio team Bhavesh Patel

Bhavesh Patel – EcoVisio board member, organizational development consultant and coach; facilitator


Viorica Corlat – EcoVisio board member

Natalia Corobco – EcoVisio board member

EcoVisio team Vlad Oleatovschi

Vlad Oleatovschi – EcoVisio board member, NGO worker, trainer/facilitator


Internal Auditing Committee:

EcoVisio team Liza

Eliza Mamaliga - founder and director of the “Dulce Plai” social enterprise, Harap Alb (activLocal) founder
Write to her: mamaliga.eliza [aet]


EcoVisio team Alexander Rosip

Alexander Rosip




EcoVisio team Valeria

Valeria Șvarț-Gröger – EcoVisio Co-founder and Development Director
About"Brings together Environment and Economics. Wants social entrepreneurship and organic agriculture to be the way by default. Passionate about walnuts"
Call her: +37379710418 (MD), +4915788521632 (DE)
Write to her: valeria [aet]

Lucia Ioncu – Financial Director


EcoVisio team Liudmila Pijevskaia

Liudmila Pijevskaia – Accountant


EcoVisio team Clara Abdullah

Clara Abdullah – PR and Communications Coordinator at EcoVisio since 2018
About"From the other side of the river aka smaller Moldova. Going where the weather suits her clothes. Would never refuse a soleanka. Has never seen Lion King"
Write to her: clara [aet]

EcoVisio team Anastasia Costisanu

Anastasia Costișanu – activEco coordinator, "Keep Cool" coordinator
Call her: +373 69753284
Write to her: anastasia [aet]


EcoVisio team Daniela Luca

Daniela Luca – Social Innovations Lab Director


EcoVisio team Gabriela

Gabriela Isac – Educational Programs Director, Program Coordinator for ActiveCiulucSeed It Forward coordinator
Call her: +373 69817235
Write to her: gabriela [aet]


EcoVisio team Eugen

Eugen Guzun – member of ActiveCiuluc team, AgroForestry expert; Seed It Forward founder and coordinator
Write to him: eugen [aet]


EcoVisio team Ecaterina Tarus

Ecaterina Tarus – founder and coordinator of ”Torbesc”, EcoVisio alumni coordinator
Call her: +373 69961840
Write to her: ecaterina [aet]


EcoVisio team Olesea Terna

Olesea TernaClimateLaunchpad coordinator, PR assistant
Call her: +373 69008296
Write to her: olesea [aet]


EcoVisio team Ion

Ion Ungureanu – EcoSystems Director, "Keep Cool" team
Write to him: ion [aet]


EcoVisio team Andrey Patraman

Andrei Patraman - coordinator of Danube Youth EcoLab Gagauzia


EcoVisio team Inna Gordeeva

Inna Gordeeva - Office Manager


Active members:

EcoVisio team Liliana

Liliana Botnaru – Eco-Village Moldova founder
Write to her: [aet]


EcoVisio team Lorin Leifert

Lorin Leifert – volunteer at Eco-Village Moldova in 2017-2018


EcoVisio team Ana Ursu

Ana Ursu – volunteer 


EcoVisio team Masha

Maria Popova 


EcoVisio team Alexandru Munteanu

Alexandru Munteanu - co-founder & president at "Centrul de Urbanism"



EcoVisio team Iurie

Iurie Nuca - Electrical Engineering; co-founder at Atelier 99 / FabLab Moldova


EcoVisio team Meghan

Meghan StewartHarap Alb team


Support members

EcoVisio team Veronica

Veronica Cazacov – former EcoVisio logistics coordinator; coordinator of "Social Entrepreneurship - Make it Matter" (2017); coordinator of IarmarEco and Social Entrepreneurship Forum (2016, 2017), activEco orga team


EcoVisio team Maria Tarigradean

Maria Tarigradean – national coordinator of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova (2016 & 2017)


EcoVisio team Fabian

Fabian Brecht – volunteer at EcoVisio in 2016


EcoVisio team Liana_Cernov

Liana Cernov – former activEco coordinator and facilitator


EcoVisio team Ivan Rabei

Ivan Rabei


                              Alla Şvarţ - Biology Teacher, EcoVisio honorary member



Photo credit: Agata Maziarz and others.