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Inside-Out Leadership

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In 2015 EcoVisio team has strengthened their cooperation with the Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. and the Initiatives of Change, co-organizing a wonderful course of Inside-Out Leadership, run in village Lalova, Rezina district of Moldova, on September 6-11, 2015. The main idea of the course was that “a positive difference in the world begins with making a positive difference in our own lives. Therefore, the emphasis was less on tools for change, and more on the participants themselves, coming from six different countries, as tools of change. This was already a second edition of the course. The first (in 2014) was held on national level, and its continuity and growth, as well as participants's feedback, show that this initiative should also be continued into the future, in order for us activists to think not just about what we do and how, but also why.

To find out more about it, please visit the Initiatives of Change website - Experiencing Inside-Out Leadership, or watch the video below:

Tags: Peace and Transformative Leadership