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Social Innovation Lab Grants

One way to support social innovations is to co-fund a part of their start-up needs, whether it’s an entrepreneurial or a purely socio-ecological initiative. In 2018 EcoVisio launched an open call and selected 13 initiatives, which received goods or services in value from 100 to 900 EUR. Main criteria for selection were: relevance, impact and expected sustainability. The initiatives were very diverse, ranging from natural coloring of fabric, organic gardening demo plot set up, setting up a natural bakery to developing an alternative school for children and upgrading a small business in furniture parts production employing people with special needs.

Who they are?

  1. "Laborator de vopsirea naturala a textilelor" by Victoria Butanu
  2. SRL "Iarba Noastră" by Natalia Matiescu
  3. "Ecoparadis" by Vasile Niculiță
  4. SRL "AVA-Mob" by Andrei Levința
  5. "Centrul de Creatie al Copiilor - Floresti" by Ala Stircu
  6. "TEP - Tinerii pentru ECOPlastic" by Ternavschi Vladimir
  7. ”Art-Labyrinth” by Voroniuc Alexandr
  8. "Integrare prin reciclare" by Tatiana Seul
  9. "Дом Эволюции (дом альтернативного образования для детей, родителей, учителей)" by Ayna Idrisova
  10. ”Voyager3 MD - лаборатория книг и настольных игр” by Vladislav Rudenco & Iulia Shetinina 
  11. "Levantica" by Maria Axenti
  12. "Torbesc" by Ecaterina Tarus

We will soon add more info about each startup and what is the funding being transformed in.

Tags: Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy