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What is EcoVisio?

EcoVisio is a youth led grassroots NGO from Moldova. 

We envision Moldova and its neighbours as a model region of empowered society, healthy environment and vigorous, fair economy.

Our work is dedicated to gradual realization of the full potential of Moldova and its neighborhood as a model region for sustainable development. For this purpose we run educational and empowerment programs for individuals, create and advocate for viable examples of ecological and social innovations and boost cooperation between changemakers through networks’ development.

Our main working topics are: Education for Sustainable Development, Peace and Transformative Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy, Rural Development and Tourism, Trees and Organic Agriculture, Waste Management, Eco-Construction and Energy.

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EcoCenter Details

Do you want to help us make this world a better place to live?

EcoVisio is always open for new connections and cooperation

We can offer knowledge and experience in the areas we have been working on (see Topics and Activities), our facilitators's services, space in the Eco-Training Center and the potential of our diverse networks.

We are interested in joining our efforts with other actors - individuals and organizations - who share our values and vision.

If that is you, do contact us!

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