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If you are an income tax-payer in Moldova, you might be interested in the 2% law

This law enables you to annually redirect 2% of your income tax in support of any non-governmental / religious entity in Moldova registered for this mechanism (full list here). It is the simplest tool at your disposal to help a cause you care about.

Currently in Moldova, this mechanism is only available for individuals, not companies.

EcoVisio has been enrolled in the 2% donation mechanism since 2017, the first year it was implemented in our country. In the five years since then, we have used this valuable contribution to grow the 'green lungs' of Moldova:

  • 2017:

    received 1248,73 MDL, saved it for next year’s activities

  • 2018:

    received 6903 MDL which together with the 1248,73 MDL from 2017, were used to buy 120 seedlings of fir and spruce trees. These were planted in Valea Satului in December 2018, by the Seed It Forward team together with over 40 volunteers, as part of the campaign ‘A fir tree for the New Year - a new tradition’

  • 2019:

    received 11.700 MDL. A part of it was invested in 70 spruce tree seedlings, to continue the campaign ‘A fir tree for the New Year - a new tradition’

    Half of these spruces joined the evergreen forest started the year before in Valea Satului, where they were planted in December 2019 by Seed It Forward, with the help of around 100 volunteers

    All the other seedlings were bought in collaboration with several interested persons (50% of the price covered by them, 50% by EcoVisio), who afterwards planted them in many yards throughout Chișinău and other locations. Overall, about 70 people were involved in planting these seedlings, between December 2019 and January 2020

  • 2020:

    received 9,169.34 MDL

    Spent 4,545 MDL to organize a planting of 40 spruce trees (to complete the plantation from Valea Satului started in 2018-19)

  • 2021:

    received 11,098 MDL

    Spent 13,759 MDL for a water filter for the kindergarten in Riscova village.

  • 2022:

    received 9,330.14 MDL

    Bought and installed 5 drinkable water filters at the dormity of Ștefan cel Mare Police Academy which came up to a total of 18,545 MDL.

  • Balance:

    4,228.11 MDL - we are currently discussing how to "invest" them best.

How it works

Every year, individuals can complete the 2% redirecting by submitting their income tax statement.

In 2023, you can allocate 2% until MAY 2ND.

It is important to note that these 2% will be deducted from the tax on the previous year’s income. In other words, if you complete the procedure this year, you will actually be directing 2% of the tax for what you earned in 2022.

It takes two very simple steps to complete this procedure during its designated period:

  1. Go to any office of the State Tax Inspectorate (FISC) with your ID card. Ask to submit Declarația persoanei fizice cu privire la impozitul pe venit ('Personal statement regarding the income tax') or simply ask for the CET18 Form.

    If you have an electronic signature, you can submit this form online 24/7 via in the Person Cabinet of the taxpayer. You should put down EcoVisio's fiscal code in the M1 field.

  2. Mention that you want to redirect 2% to a public association, presenting EcoVisio's fiscal code : 1013620004362


Frequently Asked Questions about the 2% procedure

Will this 2% be deducted from my income?

No, as this money is not a sponsorship or a donation in the traditional sense. Basically, it is a small part of the income tax you have already paid to the state, over which you have decision-power.

In case you do not file your income tax statement or do not indicate the tax code of an organization for rerouting, this 2% will simply remain in the state’s budget.

How much time will this procedure take?

Contrary to expectations, submitting the income tax form is a quick and very easy operation, as you can see from our short video.

You simply need to present your ID card and the fiscal number of your chosen organization. The FISC employee will then give you the pre-filled CET18 Form with all your information, which you just need to verify before signing.

In case you have an electronic signature, this procedure can be done even more comfortably online using FISC’s website.

How much is 2% exactly?

Since 1 October 2018, all individuals in Moldova have a unique tax of 12% applied to their brutto income. If you are an employee, your brutto income is the salary stipulated in your work contract, before deduction of any taxes or social contributions.

If we were to consider a salary of 9,175.7 MDL*, we would have with the following numbers:

9,175.7 MDL x 12 (months) = 110,108.4 MDL
12% x 110,108.4 MDL = 13,213 MDL
   2% x 13,213 MDL = 264.26 MDL

* According to the National Bureau of Statistics, this was the average monthly brutto salary in Moldova, 2021 (the most recent data available for consulting).

What difference can such a small contribution make to EcoVisio?
We are strong believers in gifts that keep on giving and in great things achieved through small steps. Aside from the financial aspect, these contributions are a precious indicator that people believe in our work and support our mission, which is what keeps us moving forward everyday.
Can you confirm that you got my 2%?
Unfortunately, no. The law states that beneficiaries of the 2% contribution (in this case, EcoVisio) cannot obtain information about the identity of the contributors. However, you can let us know through our communication channels that you have directed your 2% to EcoVisio. We will be happy to thank you personally!

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