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The BusinessCool & Sustainable Development Lab programs, launched in 2018, joined their effort for a series of 3-day seminars designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs the skills and know-how they need in order to develop sustainable, healthy businesses. Using the format of a weekend workshop, the organizers aim to introduce simple and practical instruments, which encourage the participants to walk the road between project idea and successful business. To that end, they are guided by trained facilitators as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

“For most of us, the concept of entrepreneurship resonates with the idea of economic growth and development. However, the entrepreneurial spirit must be cultivated and encouraged on a continuous basis and the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for the successful business development must take place in a practical and collaborative environment.”, says Dorin Gaidău, Investment Manager for EFSE.

The purpose of the programs is to create a community of people who have common interests and support each other to launch / develop sustainable social and environmental initiatives at local and international level.

The BusinessCool & Sustainable Development Lab seminars are meant for those who:

  • are thinking about starting their own business
  • want to keep developing an existing business idea
  • are in the final year of highschool/university and considering a career in entrepreneurship

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The programs consist of 5 seminars:

1) an introductory workshop into the world of business venture (September 14-16, 2018): 16 participants learned how to find your market and target audience, how to evaluate risks and benefits of the business, how to promote your business and what funding models are at your disposal.

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2) Social Innovation (September 20-23, 2018)

3) Product Design (December 14-16, 2018): 20 young entrepreneurs learned what makes a product/valuable truly valuable on the market, how to shape and polish their social business idea and how to 'sell it' to investors. With the help of trainer Artur Mija, the participants analyzed their own business ideas through the lens of Design Thinking and its 5 stages: empathy, defining the problem, ideating, prototyping, testing.

BusinessCool product design 1
BusinessCool product design 2

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4) Financial Management and Fundraising (January 25-27, 2019): what is good financial management and why is it important; how to make and understand financial reports (liquidity, solvency, profitability, management, balance sheet); how to effectively manage financial resources; how to improve money flow and what is a working capital; sources of financing a business; how to choose between a debt and a capital.

5) Marketing & Storytelling (March 2019).

All the workshops are 100% free of charge.

For more information, please contact Olesea Țerna, 069008296,

The seminars are held in cooperation with EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy (Chișinău) and Dekabristen e.V. (Berlin) with financial support of EU4Business and German Foreign Office.

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