National campaign "Moldova without waste"

The National Media Campaign "Moldova FărăDeșeuri" (“Moldova without Waste”) is planned to be carried out until the end of 2021, being supported by the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest. However, anyone can contribute - financially or through direct participation. We want to join our forces with everyone for whom this topic is a "burning" one - same as for us.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the negative impact of waste on human health and wellbeing, as well as to disseminate information about efficient waste management solutions that could be applied in the Republic of Moldova.

The objectives of the campaign are:

  • Changing people's behavior, which will reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • Showing working examples of waste prevention and recycling in Moldova;
  • Increasing the willingness of the population to pay for solid waste management services.

How to get involved?

You can participate in creation and dissemination of content - individually or in collaboration with us:

  • By disseminating the materials created / published by us, with hashtag #fărădeșeuri - or offline;
  • By creating your own materials: video, audio, investigations, interviews, articles, caricatures - about the waste situation in your community, about ecological alternatives, etc;
  • By organizing thematic events and activities (including online);
  • By becoming an ambassador of #FărăDeșeuri - in your family, in your community, in your locality!

You are welcome to support the campaign financially or to offer other resources:

  • By sponsoring videos, articles, podcasts, etc;
  • By sponsoring or offering presents for the winners of the contests realized in frames of the campaign (reusable bottles, ecobags and other useful and/or local products).

Campaign videos

Useful resources



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