Fostering Climate Education in Eastern Europe

Climate education is a branch of environmental education that we each need to go through to understand the practicalities of sustainable living, but also to cope with change, and learn how to adapt to it and how not to allow it to get worse.

Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, and Moldova are partner countries in this project, coordinated by German partner - Austausch e.V. The project had a tumultuous start in 2022 - with the Russian invasion of the territory of partner country Ukraine, but work has already started and will continue until the end of 2023.

The project has already carried out research on environmental education in partner countries and on the needs for environmental education (results to be published soon).

A series of webinars and online workshops have also been held to train the environmental community in adult education, online education, environmental education, climate change psychology, and other relevant topics.

In 2023 we plan to write and publish long reads on burning environmental issues in partner countries, co-create online environmental education courses for the general public and teachers, and launch a series of podcasts with environmental experts. 

See the long-reads created in the previous edition of the project here:

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German partner for the implementation of the project "Fostering Climate Education in Eastern Europe" DRA - 30 Years for a European Civil Society.
The project is implemented with the financial support of the German Foreign Ministry.


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