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Offers and pricelist

If any profit is generated at the EcoVisio Training Center, it goes into development of the local village, supporting educational opportunities for low-budget visitors (e.g. schools) and thus expanding the training center’s impact.

More about EcoVisio Training Center

Pricelist and detailed offers at EcoVisio Training Center as pdf

Logistic services

Price ranges depending on number of participants, complexity, materials needed and the financial capacity of the guests.

Training space rental

(All training spaces rentals include: foldable tables, chairs, whiteboard/flipchart stand, projector & screen and all outdoor training facilities like garden benches, pergola, etc. WiFi can be provided upon request)

  • 1 event room for up to 40 persons -> EUR 70 - 100 per day

  • 2 event rooms for up to 20 persons -> EUR 30 - 50 per room per day

  • 2 event rooms for up to 12 persons -> EUR 20 - 30 per room per day

  • All facilities without restriction -> EUR 100 - 200 per day


(Different menu options available)

  • Refreshments break (hot/cold drinks and quality snacks) -> EUR 2-4 per person

  • Lunch / Dinner (two or three courses) -> EUR 5-9 per person

  • Breakfast -> EUR 3-6 per person


  • Shared room (2-4 people) or cosy dorm space -> EUR 8-12 per person per night

  • Single room (double bed) -> EUR 15-20 per room per night

  • Double room (double bed) -> EUR 20-30 per room per night

  • Family room (one double bed and one single bed) -> EUR 20-30 per room per night


  • Mini-bus transfer from or to Chisinau -> EUR 50 per bus (20 people)

  • Bike rental for a local tour (village, forest) -> EUR 5-8 per bike

Content and group process services

Negotiable hourly and daily rates depending on number of participants, complexity, materials needed and context of the client. Other topics available upon request.

Presentations and study visits to Eco-Village Moldova

  • Guided tour (up to 30 min) -> free of charge upon registration 3 days in advance

  • Longer talks for research, interviews, etc. - negotiable hourly rate

Small practical workshops & activities

Negotiable hourly rate

  • Eco-construction (seasonal offers, e.g. solar fruit dehydrator or bee-hive construction, reed walls, lime plastering, cob building etc.)

  • Energy efficiency and renewables (how much money and energy can we save through small smart changes and sustain our energy needs in a green way)

  • Organic gardening (seasonal offers, e.g. permaculture design, planting, harvesting, seed collection, composting, etc.)

  • Fruit / vegetable solar drying and winter preservations - take away (how to make the tasty harvest last for a long time, keep its valuable nutrients and be fun)

  • Healthy / vegetarian / vegan cooking (learning and practicing innovative and traditional recipes for full meals, snacks, smoothies, baking)

  • The “magic” of herbal tea – take away (learning about special properties of herbs and creating a personalized tea mixture)

  • Waste reuse and recycling (creation of carpets out of scrap fabric, bins out of old flipcharts, wallets out of juice packs)

  • Eco-bags – take away (creation or/and personalization and colouring of fabric bags)

  • Outdoor & indoor team building games & activities (aimed at getting to know each other, problem solving, communication, sustainability & nature learning)

  • Simulation and educational board games (“Keep Cool” – climate change negotiations, “Fish Business” – sustainable economy, “Life as a project” – time management; etc.)

Full-range group seminars or teambuilding

Negotiable daily rate

  • Environmental Mainstreaming (how to strategically green up your organisation/business)

  • Social Entrepreneurship (what is it, how to develop and test an idea, how does it work in Moldova and abroad)

  • Sustainable Development for youth and adults (how to understand interconnections, environmental problems and solutions in Moldova and abroad)

  • Conflict management and transformative leadership (how to prevent or deal with conflicts in your group, organisation and transform them into steps of personal growth)

  • Graphic facilitation, scribing and visual recording (how to create strong visual flip-charts, personal notes and record group processes in an attractive way)

Setting up community actions and carbon offsetting


  • Tree-planting and care, clean-ups, rehabilitation of natural habitats, etc.

More about EcoVisio Training Center

Pricelist and detailed offers at EcoVisio Training Center as pdf


  • Valeria Șvarț-Gröger: +373 79710418

  • Liliana Botnaru: +373 69439036

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