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Eco Village welcoming

EcoVisio Training Center at Eco-village in Riscova

  • Event spaces for 10, 20 and 40 people
  • Food, accommodation and transportation

Mai multe detalii despre Centrul de Instruire Ecologică al EcoVisio

Prețuri și oferte la Centrul de Instruire Ecologice al EcoVisio

Organization and facilitation of educational and networking events

  • Outdoor and indoor Team-building
  • Trainings on environmental, agricultural, entrepreneurial topics
  • Graphic recording and visual facilitation
  • Rural and Ecological Tourism

Green Office consultancy

  • Waste Management
  • Energy and Appliances
  • Mobility

Contact person:

  • Valeria Șvarț-Gröger: +373 79710418 / valeria [aet]
  • Liliana Botnaru: +373 69439036 (mostly for the Training Center)