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HAIclub is a rural youth development program that aims to inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs, activists and civic leaders with the critical thinking, problem solving, and project design and management skills they need to make a difference in their local communities. The target group are teenagers aged 14-15 from rural communities of Moldova.

To achieve these results, HAIclub works with both young people in rural areas and their teachers to create synergy between the actions of youth and the support they need from adults.

The project was initiated by "EcoVisio" Association and Social Enterprise "Dulce Plai", with support of German Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation in the framework of the Program "Dialogue for Change" implemented by MitOst Association. Initially, it was called Harap Alb.

Contact person: Alexandru Lozinschi, 068290683 / alexandru@ecovisio.org


HAIclub contains the following ingredients:

Impulse Seminar for pupils

At the first seminar, the participants learn how to think critically about their role in the community, to identify problems, and to envision the potential of their community. At the end of the first seminar, they choose specific problems to address in their community. Then they form teams, which will work together for the remainder of the program. The teams draft brief project proposals and turn them in to the facilitators for evaluation and feedback.

Project Management Seminar for pupils

Beginning with the draft project proposals, the second seminar focuses on honing project design and management skills. By the end of the seminar, the participants already know how to create the plan and budget of a project, how to attract partners and volunteers, how to work in a team, and other things that will help them during project implementation. After that, the next stage of the journey begins, when projects become a reality.

The Seminar for Teachers

This is a 6-day seminar dedicated especially to school teachers in which HAIclub works. In this seminar, teachers are acquainted with non-formal methods and working techniques with young people in clubs, developed by the New Horizons Foundation from Romania and implemented in over 600 schools around the world. This course is accredited by the Ministry of National Education in Romania.

Project Implementation

The participants have about two months to implement the community projects they've planned during the Project Management Seminar. All projects get a small financial support, so that the teenagers learn how to plan, manage and report a grant. Throughout the project implementation period, each team is guided by a mentor. At this stage, pupils receive support from teachers who have attended the seminar offered by New Horizons Foundation trainers.

Reflection Seminar

At the last seminar, the participants are invited to reflect on their experience in the program, to evaluate the effectiveness of their projects and discuss what went right, what went wrong, and how they could improve it if they were to do it over. Moreover, they are looking out into the future, discussing their opportunities as Harap Alb alumni.

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Harap Alb - 2017

In 2017, the program came to four schools from three localities: villages Todiresti, Pirlita and Graseni from Ungheni district of Moldova. The seminars took place in Ungheni, Todiresti and Pirlita (Ungheni district), vil. Riscova (Criuleni) and Chisinau in February - July 2017. 

21 participants made it to the end, implementing 8 community projects: renovation of park, renovation of football field, renovation of volleyball field, village cleanup, renewal of benches at the stadium; charity and entertainment activities for the elderly, etc. The teenagers are proud of their achievements and are happy that as Harap Alb alumni they will continue the positive changes in their communities, will become mentors, make new projects, attract new volunteers and motivate each other.   

And meanwhile, alumni of Harap Alb 2016 became mentors for teams from 2017, supporting them in the project implementation process. 

In between Harap Alb 2016 & Harap Alb 2017

On January 13-15, 2017, Harap Alb alumni and EcoVisio members had an active and joyful meeting in Todiresti. They went around singing winter carols, had fun sledding, played sports and enjoyed good music.

More photos here.

Harap Alb Colinde ianuarie 2017
Harap Alb Colinde ianuarie 2017 4
Harap Alb Colinde ianuarie 2017 3

Harap Alb - 2016

In 2016, the program debuted under the name Harap Alb in village Todiresti, Ungheni district, and in village Riscova, Criuleni district, Moldova. Thanks to the program, 42 teenagers got the chance to learn what it means to elaborate and implement a project, and to feel themselves valuable in their communities, getting inspired and empowered for further advancement in the field of social and environmental activism.

As a result of the first edition of the program, 9 participants' projects were implemented. The teenagers organised a Sport Day at school and renovated 2 sport fields, they initiated a Book Club and a Sport Club, and issued an edition of a village newspaper. Some projects were specifically in the field of ecology - organizing cleanups, planting trees and bushes. The quality and complexity of the projects was really impressive, especially considering how young the participants were.

And more important is that a strong communities of alumni is now formed. In total, 24 participants graduated from the program as full alumni. Together with their friends, they continue to act after the end of the program and are going to be a support for the next editions of Harap Alb, and a factor of change for their villages and themselves. 

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