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Forumul Energetic 2018

In spite of the significant natural resources for renewable energy that Moldova has, the country lacks much-needed expertise and implementation practices in order to reach its full potential in this area. As a result, the transition of Moldova’s energy sector is dependent, to a large extent, on the collaboration with industrialised countries, which have experience in the implementation of new technologies and set examples for best practices.

The Moldo-German Energy Forum aims to facilitate the dialogue between local communities from Moldova and Germany in terms of renewable energy sources and sustainable development processes. Communities from both countries will have the opportunity to share experiences and develop innovative projects together.

In order to achieve these goals, EcoVisio is offering its organisational expertise, gained in the local context since 1999, as well as a network of contacts with public authorities in villages and cities, such as Cantemir, Ocniţa, Rîşcova, Drochia and Călărași. The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation Moldova will also contribute to the project with their specific expertise acquired in rural areas, as well as with key-actors from those communities.

On behalf of Germany, local and regional actors of the energy sector such as Energy Agency 2000 e.V., Kassel, aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH and aqua & waste International GmbH, Hannover will be involved. As in the case of Moldova, the project will strive to involve local public authorities, including the local councils of Wolfhagen for instance, as well as members of the national decision-making structures. Collaboration with local authorities is an added-value for the project, as it ensures a sustainable project whose impact can branch out to the local population.

The Moldo-German Energy Forum will has five important project milestones:

1. Kick-off conference - 24-26 August, 2018

The purpose of the conference is to establish contact between the main actors from Moldova and Germany. Speakers included German professionals in this field who will provide practical information on the energy transition in Germany and the benefits of a community energy system. Approximately 35 participants from Moldova took part in this event, experts in the energy sector, as well as decision-makers from public authorities. At the end of the conference, interested representatives from Moldova were selected for the next stages of the project.

You can find more photos here.

2. Study visit to Moldova – 19-23 September 2018

On September 19-23, 2018, the Moldo-German Energy Forum completed its second phase - a study visit to Moldova. For 5 days, engineers, architects and journalists from Germany with ties to the field of renewable energy held sharing sessions with representatives of 10 municipalities from the North, South and Central regions of the country. Besides, they had the opportunity to form an overview of the local context, with an emphasis on current trends, similarities and differences between the two countries.

More on the study visit to Moldova

3. Study visit to Germany – 21-26 October 2018

Shortly after the first study visit the roles will reverse and the Moldovan representatives will get to know the situation in German communities, over the course of five days.

4. Mentoring phase – September – November 2018

The objective of the mentoring phase is to create an energy partnership between the localities in Germany and at least four Moldovan localities. These municipalities will also function as "twin cities", maintaining a close relationship in the energy field. Each representative from Moldova will be assigned a German mentor. Together, local representatives and mentors will begin to formulate and implement an action plan for each project, in the communities where they will be carried out.

5. Wrap-up conferences – November 2018

The final conferences will take place in the Moldovan cities and villages where the representatives' projects have been implemented. The local population will have free access to these conferences, where they will receive advice and tips on energy efficiency and how to make the most out of renewable resources.

Contact persons:

  • Valentin Botezatu - +373 69644821,
  • Evghenii Camenscic - +373 79933374,

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