Prototype pilot of Accessibility Audit and Self-Advocacy

The project "Prototype pilot of Accessibility Audit and Self-Advocacy" is carried out between September 2021 - August 2022, in order to help young people with disabilities to live an independent and fulfilling life without the support of their parents. We contribute to this vision through offering necessary tools for such young people and their parents, through training personal assistants and through the integration of these youngsters in EcoVisio activities.

Project objectives:

  • Changing stereotypes in the EcoVisio target groups about people with disabilities
  • Making EcoVisio activities friendly to people with disabilities
  • Helping beneficiaries of the project to acquire new skills of independent living, to create new contacts and friends
  • Creating a new Accessibility Audit service

The project has two directions:

Encouraging the civic participation of young people with disabilities

It is planned to attract and train personal assistants to support beneficiaries with disabilities during their participation in EcoVisio events, as well as in developing social skills in daily life (such as using public transport, visiting public places, etc.).

Developing the inclusion of EcoVisio activities and disseminating experience to other organizations

We will analyze our activities, experiment and work on an Accessibility Audit, so that we can later help other organizations to become more inclusive.


  • Integration of young people with disabilities in the community, identifying activities and job opportunities for them.
  • Training those who want to become Personal Assistants to guide young people with disabilities in their daily lives.
  • Helping parents of young people with disabilities so that they can accept the situation and learn how to behave with their children, how to educate them properly and guide them to independence.
Contact person:
  • Olga Emelianova - +373 69650182 /

The project"Prototype pilot of Accessibility Audit and Self-Advocacy" is funded by IM Swedish Development Partner. IM is not responsible for the content and not necessarily in agreement with any views expressed.


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