”Empowerment for climate action in rural Moldova” project

Extreme weather conditions, including heatwaves, droughts and floods, are expected to become more frequent and intense. While they affect all of us equally, rural areas are extremely vulnerable, having less capacity to adapt.

In 2021-2022 EcoVisio aims to implement the project "Empowerment for climate action in rural Moldova", addressing 4 basic topics to increase the resilience of rural areas:

  • water management,
  • solar energy,
  • afforestation,
  • thermal insulation.

The aim of this project is to make rural communities aware of climate change and help them cope with these circumstances, identify good practices and encourage policymakers to support rural communities.

EcoVisio wants to create partnerships with rural authorities to organize and conduct trainings.

"Climate change and thermal insulation"

How can you save on heating? What types of insulation are there? How do you make the right choice? And what is the connection between climate change and thermal insulation?

"Climate change and afforestation"

It is obvious that trees help us fight climate change - the question is how can we help them? How can we offer the trees we plant as many chances as possible to grow, what species should you choose, and where should you plant them?

During September-December 2021 we focused on thermal insulation and reforestation.

Following a competition, 8 rural localities were selected for organizing educational sessions. A total of 133 people were trained in working groups, benefiting from free individual consultation and mini-grants for the implementation of thermal insulation and afforestation projects. The trainings were organized with physical presence in order to be more accessible for the villagers.

The facilitators presented important issues regarding climate change in the world, as well as in Moldova. We have discussed how each villager can cope with climate change and how local authorities can get involved.

Climate Change and Thermal Insulation training took place at:

  • Volintiri village (Stefan Voda dist.)
  • Meseni village (Rezina dist.)
  • Floresti town
  • Zubresti village (Straseni dist.)

During the workshops on Climate Change and Thermal Insulation, the participants got to know different insulation materials. Right then, the price of natural gas was being constantly increased and people were interested in good insulation options. As a practical exercise, calculations were done in order to find out the energy class of the houses and how savings can be made after proper insulation. Concrete action steps were analyzed and established. Interested villagers registered for additional consultations and thermal scans of the houses, which were carried out in between 03.12.2021-15.12.2021.

3 households from Floresti and Zubresti received financial support for the thermal insulation.

Another 4 workshops were held on the topic of Climate Change and Afforestation, at:

  • Mândrești village (Telenesti dist.)
  • Balasesti village (Sangerei dist.)
  • Albinetul Vechi village (Falesti dist.)
  • Colonita village (Chisinau municipality)

The expert and facilitator emphasized the connection between climate change and tree planting. The villagers discussed where they could plant locally, what species are suitable, and why trees should be protected. The participants created a planting plan for each locality.

To support these initiatives, 4 mini-grants have been provided for planting and protecting trees. In Mindresti, Balasesti, Albinetul Vechi and Colonita there will be more trees as a result of this project.

In 2022, EcoVisio aims to continue the project “Preparing Rural Environment for Climate Change”, addressing 2 other basic topics for increasing the resilience of rural Moldova:

  • water management,
  • solar energy

Currently, the project is still active. Our achievements from this year are the following:

  • 6 localities have been chosen to benefit from education opportunities and mini-grants in order to prevent climate change

  • Educational activities about Climate Change and Solar Energy and Climate Change and Water Management are being conducted in 6 villages

  • Educational activies about Solar Energy are being conducted in Filipeni, Leova, Răuțel village, Fălești, Hîrtop village, r. Cimișlia, and about Water Management - in Ocniţa district, com Lipnic, Ghidighici village, mun. Chișinău, Puțintei village, Orhei district

After the educational activities, villagers can apply, in a contest-based way, for financial in the sum of max. 500 euro in order to buy solar installations (photovoltaic panels / solar collectors) or systems for water collection.

One of the project’s goals is to inform and support villagers in order for them to be able to face climate change in rural areas.

EcoVisio wants to create partnerships with rural town halls to organize and conduct trainings.

Contact person: Diavor Vica - vica.diavor@ecovisio.org

The project is funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation from Germany and implemented by the EcoVisio Public Association.

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